Council Meeting, Austria 2015

I just landed in Greece and my feelings right now are sooo mixed up! I had the chance to attend the Council meeting of ESTIEM that took place at Vienna, Austria! As this was my first event, I had no idea what I am going to face and live… Also, this event was sooo special because ESTIEM celebrated the 25th anniversary!!!

I am here to open agenda point 1: Sessions.

Well for this part of the week, I am not going to speak too much! We all know, how tired we were and how mad was Sorana when we weren’t at our seats at 8 o’clock in the morning. Also, the worst part of the day: WAKING UP at 6 o’clock! But the sessions took place at this AWESOME place that it was designed like a ship!!!

Αs you can see at those pictures sometimes sessions can drive you mad but the pictures during some breaks were definitely awesome!

I am here to close agenda point 1: Sessions

I am here to open agenda point 2: Vienna

This was the first time I went to Vienna and the only thing that I have to say is that you have to love this city. Those building, the christmas mood, the streets, the people, the food, the candies everything, was amazing. If Ι had the chance to miss the plane and stay there FOREVER, I would probably do that!

If you have the opportunity the visit Vienna, you HAVE TO!

I am here to close agenda point 2: Vienna.

And I am opening agenda point 3: Parties.

And what is CM without the parties? Everyone was talking about the International Party and I was like «Why and what they are going to do?» but when I went to the university, I immediately understood for that they were talking about. I am not going to get into details but it was probably the best night ever.

Αnd I am closing agenda point 3: Parties

I want to say CONGRATS to everyone that was elected for the new board! Hope to have a successful period as the new board of ESTIEM!

Also, I am so happy that I made new friends, I listened inspiring speeches, I meet the founder of ESTIEM, I saw my old friends! Hope to see you somewhere in Europe soon!!!





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