Mediterrannean Regional Coordination Meeting, Chios

Dear Mediterranean people!

Local Group Chios is BACK IN THE GAME for sure and proudly presents you the Mediterranean Regional Coordination Meeting of 2015!

If you want to explore the Aegean Sea and live a Greek summer while building strong relationships with other ESTIEMers and of course develop our lovely Region, then this is the event that you must attend. 

We know that ESTIEMers work hard so the event will include interesting discussions and trainings regarding ESTIEM and our lovely Region.

But we also need some rest and fun so the bluegreen crystal waters, beautiful beaches, the traditional Greek cuisine, dance nights and summer parties are waiting for you. Oh my god!.. Did we talk about the Yacht tour day in the island?? July is going to be a month on fire!

But we are Mediterraneans and we are used to WORK HARD PLAY HOT!

Join us between 20-24 July and live the Greek myth in Chios!

For applications: Apply for the event



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